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Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are the unsung heroes and heroines in successful paths to wellness and fitness. They are a little bit friend, a little bit coach, and even a disciplinarian when needed. But with all that, they are also wonderful motivators and care about your success possibly even more than you do. Find a personal trainer who "gets you."

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32845 Main Road
Cutchogue, NY 11935
(631) 315-5227

JABS NYMaintaining a healthy, fit mind and body is a lifestyle. Partner with the JABS studio in Cutchogue, and truly enjoy the journey to that healthier life. You may refer to JABS as a fitness center, but this studio is more aptly described as a comprehensive health studio emphasizing community and group fitness. There is none better on the North Fork when it comes to group classes and personal trainers. JABS, an acronym for Joining Active Bodies, is renowned and beloved for the culture of health and well-being that it engenders through the services offered.

Whether you are a seasoned fitness fiend or just wading into the pond, JABS will welcome you like family. This is a community with trainers that motivate with energy, passion and respect, combining progressive ideas with traditional methods to inspire, working in a beautiful, clean, state-of-the-art facility. Weekend visitors and year-rounders are all welcome, but reservations are a must.

JABS offers a variety of classes to allow you to tailor a workout program that addresses your specific goals—and the instructors will help you set those goals if needed. Find strength training, cardio and yoga all under one roof, available in a group class setting or personal one-on-one training sessions, and conveniently scheduled to fit a busy life. This is not a gym where you lift weights and workout on machines at your own pace. The JABS experience is immersive, fun and supportive with someone by your side to motivate you every step of the way.

There are so many reasons to get fit and stay fit. JABS help you get there. Contact them today to reserve your spot in your favorite workout programs.

North Fork Fitness

54655 Main Road
Southold, NY 11971
(631) 765-9118

Sometimes getting ready to look your best requires more than a visit to the salon, spa or make-up artist. Firming up the jiggly bits so your clothes fit perfectly takes a commitment to an exercise regimen that begins a few months before the big day. North Fork Fitness Studio in Southold has a Bridal Shape-Up Pilates Program that will get you tightened and toned in just the right places. Just 10 sessions with Terry and her team of fitness specialists will get you on the path to looking and feeling great—as if it could be possible to feel any better than you already will walking down aisle to meet your beloved. Of course the bigger commitment you make before your wedding or special occasion, the better the results. Terry agrees with Joseph Pilate's assertion that 10 sessions will make you feel better, 20 sessions will show you the difference, and 30 sessions will transform your body. The power of the Pilates "Reformer" will transform your body. Why not get the girlfriends together and get in shape together?

The North Fork Fitness Studio also offers fitness classes for visitors to town too, so if you find yourself looking to hit the gym while you are on the North Fork for any reason, check out their schedule of classes, offered 7-days a week.