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Life Coaches

It's possible to find a coach for nearly any endeavor. A coach brings objectivity, motivation and encouragement to help you clear obstacles, defeat challenges and continue on your path to success. In this age of global communication, your next coach could be half a world away. Until you find that one, consider those listed here who are in your backyard.

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Kathleen Hendrickson, MA

76 Jennings Avenue
Southampton, NY 11968

 Open up and learn to listen to your own intuitive wisdom with a session, or series of sessions, with Kathleen Hendrickson. If you find yourself “stuck” in your personal life, a relationship or need to kick start your professional life, Kathleen Hendrickson will help you expand your intuitive awareness so you can start progressing to your goals.

Kathleen is a psychotherapist who enhances traditional emotional healing methods with meditation and EFT—Emotional Freedom Technique--to help you identify and release your vibrational blocks so you can achieve all you were meant to be in your personal life, your career, and your marriage or life partnership.

Expand your intuitive awareness. End the self-sabotage. Break the long-held destructive patterns that have prevented you from becoming all you can be. Kathleen Hendrickson’s unique method of psychotherapy, meditation and coaching brings the mind and body into balance, opening the path to a happier, more productive professional and personal life. Start cultivating a life of joy and fulfillment with Intuitive Kathleen Joy’s psychotherapy and coaching program.